[Review] Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie : Awakening of The Trailblazer

Well, after a long time await for its appearance finally it's released, Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 -Awakening of The Trailblazer. You know what, I always waiting it for it's released so I can watch it and yes... It's coming true today. Now, I'll tell what my expression is when I watch this EPIC Movie.

This two hours movie is so great, hell yeah their struggle to survive from an unknown enemy known as ELS is so great.


After this may contain spoilers... So, if any of you who haven't watch the movie you shouldn't read the rest of the article.

[Artbook] Yosuga no Sora Visual Art Collection

[Single] Asou Natsuko - More-more LOVERS!!

[Single] Yuuki Aira - LAMENT ~Yagate Yorokobi wo~

[OST] Chaos Legion Original Soundtrack

[OST] Shukufuku no Campanella Original Soundtrack

[Single] eufonius - Hiyoku no Hane

[Single] Team. Nekokan[Neko] featuring.Amaoto Junca - Tsugunai Kizuna

[Single] Lia - KIZUNA-kizunairo-IRO

[Single] Taketatsu Ayana & Hayami Saori - HELP!!

[Single] Various Artist - Coccarda

[Single] Hashioto Miyuki - Mirai Kaikisen

[Single] Misato Aki - Shiawase ha Tsuki yori Takaku

[Artbook] Kishin Houkou Demonbane Visual Fan Book

[OST] Demonbane Original Soundtrack

[Singe] Shimatani Hitomi - Destiny - Taiyou no Hana / tears of love

[Single] ULTRA PRISM with Kanemoto Hisako - Shinryaku no Susume

[Single] ClariS - irony

[OST] Highschool of The Dead Original Soundtrack

[OST] Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack

Tales of Symphonia - Combo Accomplishment

Oresama no honki, misete yaru yo~

Oh well, since I don't got any uploading I just sharing a not so important thing I've ever done XD
Let's see... as currently I'm playing Tales of Symphonia on Playstation 2,  I'm doing something fun by trying chaining the most combo I could done...

My main character was obviously Lloyd Irving XD

Don't know what to call...

Well, I don't really know how to tell this... but, I think I can't leave it alone XD
Although I haven't write anything due to lack of information I wanted to share with you but hey... that's not a bad idea XD now, I want to share my epic dream 2 days ago until now...

[OST] Red Alert 2 Orginal Soundtrack

[Single] Emil Chronicle Online Image Character CD SPRING Tita

[Single] Emil Chronicle Online Image Character CD SPRING Masha

[Single] Emil Chronicle Online Image Character CD SPRING Lurie

[Single] BACK-ON - flyaway

[OST] OZ / Over Zenith Original Soundtrack

[OST] Deathsmiles Original Soundtrack

[OST] Deathsmiles IIX Original Soundtrack

[Single] UVERworld - Qualia

[Single] The Back Horn - Tozasareta Sekai

[Single] Souwer Cherry - SCARLET HEART ~ 空のイーリス

[OST] Tales of VS. Original Soundtrack

[Single] Acid Black Cherry - Re:Birth

[Single] GIRL NEXT DOOR - Be Your Wings

[Single] Aya Kamiki x TAKUYA - W-B-X ~W - Boiled Extreme~

Happy Eid Mubarak Everyone


 -Smile, and let the world smile with you-

Well, it's already 30th day since we Muslim fasting in Ramadan against our desire on negative thought in the day in order to fulfill what we must do to ALLAH. And today, we celebrate our "victory" in happiness and enclose our relationships with others around us.

Without further a do, I... and my family pronounce... Happy Eid Mubarak 1431 H. We hope that we can be more better than our previous year and open our new sheet towards tomorrow.
I myself, apology if there's something I do which not make all of you mad or something... Also, I forgive anything that you may do to me in previous days.
Emm, that's all I can said if there's any mistaken on it please forgive me :D

[Fanfict] Kidou Senshi Gundam 00Z -Journey Through The Time and Space- : Chapter 02

The next chapter from current Fan Fiction Project, Setsuna and the others starts appearing on this chapter and here's some preview from the chapter 1 and will moving to the next chapter

Sora finally took a rest after his fearsome battle with Innovators and return to his friends. But, when he just gets back he’s order again for some mission.

There, he met with Fon and Lilith there.

“Hangar 003, Code Name Lilith, System Online.” said Lilith.

[Fanfict] Kidou Senshi Gundam 00Z -Journey Through The Time and Space- : Chapter 01

Okay, time to post the first chapter (though just some review of it, the full chapter can be downloaded through the link) which everything is started


Several years has passed since the last battle between Setsuna F Seiei and Ribbons Almark, the world finally regain its peace once again. Sora Nizer, the one who fight alongside Celestial Being against the Innovator has returned to earth.

Sora and the others return to the Mansion where they live to get some rest after the war while the Celestial Being continues their fight.

[Fanfict] Kidou Senshi Gundam 00Z -Journey Through The Time and Space-

My latest Fan Fiction Project based on the several SUNRISE Anime, © goes to respective owner and I don't own them. Though it's still ongoing because I don't have much Idea on making it XD

A total massive crossover from SUNRISE made Anime Mecha which I write it since last year and until now still no progress since I'm out of idea though I might think of it soon enough. Well, here it is:

Back to usual work


PS : Pict may not related :P

Hello everyone, I'm back again here at this post, after I'm home from my first day at Second Semester of my college I'm making this post as soon as I'm back at home. Today... well, nothing particular, just my usual day when I went to college. Study at class, chatting with my friends and went home.

Ahaha, well... I'm just reporting my return to my old "job" back when I was at Senior High School, that was subbing my own AMV (which I have posted some of my creation here) ^^

Well then, let's move to main subject shall we...

First Gunpla (Gundam Model Kit) at 2010

Yeah, another post by me :D oh what I'm saying, this is my blog so obviously the post is from me XD

Today, as chupacabra from AOIndonesia requested me to photo my new Gunpla so I decided to fulfill it.

Finally got connected...

 PS: Pict may not related :P

As title said above... Finally I got my Internet connection back online after several days it went down for unknown reason. Well as for today I just wanted to say...


Hehe :P how dramatic of me... XD

Today I want to tell you about my experience, the experience when I got bored when I got no internet connection... 

Finally moved to my new room

Hey all of the viewers out there!? :D

When watching to this post make sure your room are nice and bright, also sit back from the screen, all right? :D

Just kidding... XD

What a nice day isn't it? Well yeah this is also a nice day for me to update my blog since my last post (that's because I don't know what to say until now) :D and anyway, here I am again... back at "here" and posting some post...