Finally moved to my new room

Hey all of the viewers out there!? :D

When watching to this post make sure your room are nice and bright, also sit back from the screen, all right? :D

Just kidding... XD

What a nice day isn't it? Well yeah this is also a nice day for me to update my blog since my last post (that's because I don't know what to say until now) :D and anyway, here I am again... back at "here" and posting some post...

What I wanted to say is about my current condition. Well, before I moved here I online from my other house which I used before I came here. But now, since my "original" house now have internet connection I decided to move from my "office" :D

Sorry I can't take a picture of my new room cause it's still a bit messy. But that's okay, since when my room is finally "created" I will start taking picture of it :D

It's bigger than my old room from THIS and THIS and also wider than before :D

Somehow I like my new house and room since every room (my brothers and mine) have internet connection sharing from computer on downstairs :D

Well, this is it... I don't know anymore what to say so I end here... I hope next time we met I can upload the picture of my room. Until then, wait it calmly okay :D


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