[Fanfict] Kidou Senshi Gundam 00Z -Journey Through The Time and Space- : Chapter 01

Okay, time to post the first chapter (though just some review of it, the full chapter can be downloaded through the link) which everything is started


Several years has passed since the last battle between Setsuna F Seiei and Ribbons Almark, the world finally regain its peace once again. Sora Nizer, the one who fight alongside Celestial Being against the Innovator has returned to earth.

Sora and the others return to the Mansion where they live to get some rest after the war while the Celestial Being continues their fight.

On their way home, they’re chatting like the fights never happened though they can’t just rid those memories with ease.

“Hey Utsuho, that we will return home why don’t we buy something for them?” said Sora.

“What a nice idea.” Utsuho replied.

After they done on their business, they directly return home.

This is where everything was begun and their next mission through out the story...

Download Link : Chapter 01 - Reunion

Hope you enjoy the story, any critics is open for free. So, fell free to comment okay :D


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