Back to usual work


PS : Pict may not related :P

Hello everyone, I'm back again here at this post, after I'm home from my first day at Second Semester of my college I'm making this post as soon as I'm back at home. Today... well, nothing particular, just my usual day when I went to college. Study at class, chatting with my friends and went home.

Ahaha, well... I'm just reporting my return to my old "job" back when I was at Senior High School, that was subbing my own AMV (which I have posted some of my creation here) ^^

Well then, let's move to main subject shall we...

Yup, after several month (or maybe a year or more) I back to my usual work, when Kazuki from AOIndonesia posted his subbed PV suddenly I wanted to subbed my own AMV once again after so long I left that kind of job because of some "problem" I faced.

And somehow I forgot the problem when I subbing, which was giving the Template Karaoke Effect. And yes, because of that I checked my previous .ass work from my past work.

Well, hope I know what to do XD

Just wait until my work ready, maybe I put my current Project at Widget beside (or what ever it called). Hope my work will be better from my last work...

Well then, see you again in my next post and I will post my Project result as soon as it's done and uploaded ^^


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