Finally got connected...

 PS: Pict may not related :P

As title said above... Finally I got my Internet connection back online after several days it went down for unknown reason. Well as for today I just wanted to say...


Hehe :P how dramatic of me... XD

Today I want to tell you about my experience, the experience when I got bored when I got no internet connection... 

When I can't play Internet at all, all I do is playing C&C Generals (Command and Conquer Generals) and other Doujin games which was already installed on my laptop. But off course, I also tried coloring my scan with Adobe Photoshop and took almost 15 hours just for vectoring and coloring. And yes, the result isn't bad as I thought as when I know some of the trick, doing it was so easy after several hours studying that.

Well, if you want to see th result... You may come to my Deviantart (but my current result haven't been uploaded just yet, since I think there's something more to be added) XD

For  2 days without Internet I didn't follow any news (especially Anime) and got angry easily when I didn't "touch" those... >.<

Anyway... as my Internet back online I can do some browsing again and feel "happy" :P

Well then, see ya... (^^)V


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