[Review] Corpse Party : Blood Covered

Volume 1 Cover

Yes, last week I went to GUROchan (Warning 18+ content inside) and found a nice horror manga, and I directly searching for the download. Sadly I got the RAW, yet I'm still downloading it... Then I realize that the manga I download was just a Prequel for the original story (this manga) and yes... finally obtain it translated (although only 2 volume translated, exactly 6 chapter total)

[Boundary of Midgard] Gekijouban Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer-

It's finally finished... lol, after a long days I do this in my bored time, I manage to finish this Fan subbing movie...
Even though this movie is released a long time a go, and yes... I'm planning to subbing this as soon as a first sub appeared...

The project which I started after a few days of new year which can be seen here and make some progress around February which can be seen here and finally done today...

Download link: click here

Hope you enjoy my boredom project... see you next time!!?

[Single] ClariS - Connect

[Single] Kalafina - Magia

Regular Version Cover

Progess on the project

Hmm, I actually got bored don't know what to write on my blog... soo... I just wanted to show you my progress... Photobucket
(Actually, I'm totally bored right now T_T)

A one-man-army translator from existed sub

[Single] BACK ON - with you feat.Me