[Fanfict] Kidou Senshi Gundam 00Z -Journey Through The Time and Space- : Chapter 02

The next chapter from current Fan Fiction Project, Setsuna and the others starts appearing on this chapter and here's some preview from the chapter 1 and will moving to the next chapter

Sora finally took a rest after his fearsome battle with Innovators and return to his friends. But, when he just gets back he’s order again for some mission.

There, he met with Fon and Lilith there.

“Hangar 003, Code Name Lilith, System Online.” said Lilith.

When the enemies come to stole the Gaia Exia, Sora used it to intercept them and off course he’s doing it well as he’s used to piloting Mobile Suits.

“Gaia Exia, Sora Nizer, heading out.” said Sora.

He fought with an Ace from their group which called The Black Knight, his name was Maxwell. After fighting with him he returns to base, entrusting GN Green Astray to Lilith. When he about to return, Tieria sent an encryption message that’s the new meisters has been chosen…

Their next mission also their trial to became the Gundam Meister will begin...

Download Link : Chapter 2 : Born of The New Meister

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