My Third Day on Padjadjaran University

Fist of all I want to apologize I don't made this as soon as I'm get home due for searching material for the next day. But, today wasn't like the other days back there tough.

The only thing that I bored of is that the event ended at 15.00 W.I.B (I don't really sure since I didn't wear a watch back there)

But, It entertain me a little bit. The senior is actually really friendly to us the new student ^_^
This time my third day happened at Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor, West Java, Indonesia.

Here's some pict that I manage to get since rarely use my handphone to photograph anything :D

My Second Day on Padjadjaran University

Okay, this is my second day on Padjadjaran University, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. And you know what? Today's not as bad as yesterday tough...

Anyway, today's a Student Day. It's not as boring as yesterday too. I really enjoyed this day as there's special gueststar, COKLAT Band. Well, I didn't really sure if that's real or not but that's what I heard from MC tough...

Well, I just get back from Padjadjaran University at 15.10 W.I.B and quickly turn on the PC to post this ^_^

Oh well, let's get it over with shall we? ^_^

My AMV / MAD Collection PART 2

Okay, this is the second part :D

Download Link

Detail :
Song : Ash Like Snow
Video : Gundam SEED Destiny
Size : 20.51 MB
Screenshot :

Download Link

Detail :
Song : Little Buster! (Extended)
Video : Gundam 00
Size : 22.3. MB
Screenshot :
Can't be displayed since it got error on the link T_T

My AMV / MAD Collection PART 1

Hello everyone, I'm returned with some "good" I made myself :D
Yup, my AMV (Anime Music Video) made by me...
I'm so sorry I can't upload it on Youtube under a circumstance @_@

Anyway, here you go:

My First Post Please be Easy

Hello guys, this is my first post in here ^_^

As you can see, I make this blog as my own will tough everyone has use it before do they?

Well, I don't really sure what should I say here. But, I say "Hi" to everyone whoever read this post.

So I'll say thank you to everyone...

Hope we can be friend ^_^