[Singe] Shimatani Hitomi - Destiny - Taiyou no Hana / tears of love

[Single] ULTRA PRISM with Kanemoto Hisako - Shinryaku no Susume

[Single] ClariS - irony

[OST] Highschool of The Dead Original Soundtrack

[OST] Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack

Tales of Symphonia - Combo Accomplishment

Oresama no honki, misete yaru yo~

Oh well, since I don't got any uploading I just sharing a not so important thing I've ever done XD
Let's see... as currently I'm playing Tales of Symphonia on Playstation 2,  I'm doing something fun by trying chaining the most combo I could done...

My main character was obviously Lloyd Irving XD

Don't know what to call...

Well, I don't really know how to tell this... but, I think I can't leave it alone XD
Although I haven't write anything due to lack of information I wanted to share with you but hey... that's not a bad idea XD now, I want to share my epic dream 2 days ago until now...