First Gunpla (Gundam Model Kit) at 2010

Yeah, another post by me :D oh what I'm saying, this is my blog so obviously the post is from me XD

Today, as chupacabra from AOIndonesia requested me to photo my new Gunpla so I decided to fulfill it.

Yesterday, after I went to college for some information I went to buy something. After taking some money I went to Vega. Well, at first I just want to looking for something :D I'm looking at the Gunpla Section, at first I was confused to bought 1/144 HG Seravee Gundam GNHW/B , 1/144 HG Arche Gundam , and 1/144 HG Trans-am Raiser Gloss Injection Version. When I about to take one, I look more further and found 1/144 HG 00 Raiser + GN Sword III so I bought it without thinking twice.

When I got home, I quickly assembly it and took sometime times but it can't be helped XD

At night, my 00 Raiser + GN Sword III was finished :D and today I took the picture of it...

The Box Cover

Yes, I'm happy with I bought this time and can't stopped be amazed by its coolness... :D


All of the weapon used on 00 Raiser which include GN Sword III and all their beam weaponry...

All of the weapon with the beam attached, wow it's soo cool :D

The Standalone 00 Gundam (not docked with 0 Raiser yet)



Yup, I posed this thing first before the main course XD
Don't really mind it as this is looks like the original 00 Gundam...

The 00 Raiser equipped with GN Sword III, still not possed it yet :D


Ugh, I can't stand of this coolness... @_@


Oh my god... totally great... ARGHHHHHHH....!!!!?

Anyway, this is all I can share as I can only buy one Gunpla at the time XD
And so, this is it... see you on my next post (^^)V
Sorry for the bad quality o the pict or its just too bright...


-crux- said...

this plamo is so kewl~~
though i don't like 00 very much, but this seven sword things make it look cooler than ever...

Amakakeryu said...

thanks >,<
actually, 00 Raiser only got 5 Sword... there's also 00 Gundam Seven Sword System which posses 7 Sword (well obviously from its name lol XD) which was already released, good god that's sooo awesome >,<

wanted that soooo badlyyyyy ;__;

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