[Review] Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie : Awakening of The Trailblazer

Well, after a long time await for its appearance finally it's released, Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 -Awakening of The Trailblazer. You know what, I always waiting it for it's released so I can watch it and yes... It's coming true today. Now, I'll tell what my expression is when I watch this EPIC Movie.

This two hours movie is so great, hell yeah their struggle to survive from an unknown enemy known as ELS is so great.


After this may contain spoilers... So, if any of you who haven't watch the movie you shouldn't read the rest of the article.

Even though it's still RAW, somehow I TOTALLY enjoyed it till last the battle scene and many more... Arghh, it's so damn good...

It's started with an epic battle which was a movie XD

Alvotre from Movie "Celestial Being"

Aahahaha, it's totally different from what it's looked... You know what, it's kinda cool with it's tail XD

00 Raiser

Arios & Cherudim

Alvotre VS 00 Raiser

Hell yeah for starter XD Anyway, let's just skip this this part and move to the next section shall we? After that scene and the other, Marina Ismail and Shirin Bakhtiar inspected a colony construction facility. After that, three GNX-609T GN-XIII approach them and yes, they're terrorist.Just before they can act, Setsuna F Seiei appeared with Flag Kai and intercept them..

Flag Kai

Setsuna easily defeat them and from the shuttle, Lockon disarm the other terrorist with non-fatal wound shot and quickly leave the shuttle.

Well, I think I shouldn't tell much as this might spoil you more... Hmm, I say this movie was totally epic all of you must watch it~

The rest of the plot can be found here: Main Plot (As usual, WARNING for the spoiler) :D

Some random screen-shot from the movie:

If any of you can't wait till it's sub, you can grab RAW: HERE
NOTE: Make sure you change .JPG into MP4 after you download it.

Credit: Heru Kamizawa , he's the one who gave me the link, I should thank him


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