Labor Day - Cyclone Effect [Kamen Rider W Outro Theme #1]

I just got this yesterday on Tokyotosho when I want to search for the new episode of Kamen Rider Double (which still RAW for Episode 12). In this single there's 4 songs (3 of them are Instrumental version of the original one).

May bad day...

As the title said, yesterday (exact day on Friday) I fell like I'm already to old to think. Want to know why? Here, I'll tell you what I did yesterday until "that" occur.

W-B-X ~W - Boiled Extreme~

Hi, I'm back with another great news tough I just got it several days ago. I've found something about this new theme CD song and decided to post / distribute it.

Kamen Rider W will released their theme song, the opening song "W-B-X ~W - Boiled Extreme~ on 11 November 2009.

Cover of CD Single
Price: ¥1,260

Cover of CD+DVD Single
Price: ¥ 1,890

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 2010 Movie

Hey ya, we meet again in this great (maybe) day. Thank you for anyone who has viewed my post so far.

Okay, maybe some of you already know this but for those who don't know I'll tell you what I know about this Movie.

What a boring day...

Ehehehe, as usual... this was my boring day with nothing to do and just sitting in front of my computer and laptop. Well, I don't have any topic to say for today... Oh well :D

Just sharing something what I do in my boring day...
Remember my HG 1/144 00 Raiser Designers Color which I post in My Room PART II ? today... I'm really bored so I "played" with that :D


Okay, after long I post my Room... Now I'll update what's happened on my room :D
First thing first, I would like to say thank you if anyone saw my First Room Post which was... umm, what was it... can't really tell XD

Well then, let's move directly to our main problem here...

Well then, start from the Room itself, my mother has put another Bed to cover the 'Cracked' floor (which I used to play my computer) :D

Add my blog...

Okay, I just want to say this. If you want, please add my blog okay...

This is my banner:

And my link:

Well, you're at my blog right now ^_^
In case you forget...

My Blog

Okay, fell free to add my blog okay...

Also, if the image link above doesn't appear as image you may try use this link instead of the link above.

My Room PART I

Well, I can't post my room till since I don't bring any camera :D
But now, my mom bring me our camera from my relative and I started taking picture of it...

Anyway, let's get it over with and start with my Room shall we?

My Third Day on Padjadjaran University

Fist of all I want to apologize I don't made this as soon as I'm get home due for searching material for the next day. But, today wasn't like the other days back there tough.

The only thing that I bored of is that the event ended at 15.00 W.I.B (I don't really sure since I didn't wear a watch back there)

But, It entertain me a little bit. The senior is actually really friendly to us the new student ^_^
This time my third day happened at Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor, West Java, Indonesia.

Here's some pict that I manage to get since rarely use my handphone to photograph anything :D

My Second Day on Padjadjaran University

Okay, this is my second day on Padjadjaran University, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. And you know what? Today's not as bad as yesterday tough...

Anyway, today's a Student Day. It's not as boring as yesterday too. I really enjoyed this day as there's special gueststar, COKLAT Band. Well, I didn't really sure if that's real or not but that's what I heard from MC tough...

Well, I just get back from Padjadjaran University at 15.10 W.I.B and quickly turn on the PC to post this ^_^

Oh well, let's get it over with shall we? ^_^

My AMV / MAD Collection PART 2

Okay, this is the second part :D

Download Link

Detail :
Song : Ash Like Snow
Video : Gundam SEED Destiny
Size : 20.51 MB
Screenshot :

Download Link

Detail :
Song : Little Buster! (Extended)
Video : Gundam 00
Size : 22.3. MB
Screenshot :
Can't be displayed since it got error on the link T_T

My AMV / MAD Collection PART 1

Hello everyone, I'm returned with some "good" I made myself :D
Yup, my AMV (Anime Music Video) made by me...
I'm so sorry I can't upload it on Youtube under a circumstance @_@

Anyway, here you go:

My First Post Please be Easy

Hello guys, this is my first post in here ^_^

As you can see, I make this blog as my own will tough everyone has use it before do they?

Well, I don't really sure what should I say here. But, I say "Hi" to everyone whoever read this post.

So I'll say thank you to everyone...

Hope we can be friend ^_^