W-B-X ~W - Boiled Extreme~

Hi, I'm back with another great news tough I just got it several days ago. I've found something about this new theme CD song and decided to post / distribute it.

Kamen Rider W will released their theme song, the opening song "W-B-X ~W - Boiled Extreme~ on 11 November 2009.

Cover of CD Single
Price: ¥1,260

Cover of CD+DVD Single
Price: ¥ 1,890

First series, "Double-perfect hero" of the Heisei Riders attention of 11 of "Kamen Rider W" theme song! Theme was "W", keeping in collaboration with the Aya Kamiki and TAKUYA!

This is the PV of their song, enjoy (credit goes to the uploader)

This PV is pretty interesting to watch and the full version of Kamen Rider W Opening Theme song. It's pretty funny when Shoutarou and Philip want to change (Henshin) but they didn't change and both of them confused XD

Well, the song itself is pretty good to hear tough I can't compare to other Kamen Rider Series song (Kamen Rider Decade is the one I remember, I forgot how many Kamen Rider Series PV I've saw) but still, this is worth to hear.

I can't wait until this Single released and hear them.

Well then, see you on next time.


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