My Second Day on Padjadjaran University

Okay, this is my second day on Padjadjaran University, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. And you know what? Today's not as bad as yesterday tough...

Anyway, today's a Student Day. It's not as boring as yesterday too. I really enjoyed this day as there's special gueststar, COKLAT Band. Well, I didn't really sure if that's real or not but that's what I heard from MC tough...

Well, I just get back from Padjadjaran University at 15.10 W.I.B and quickly turn on the PC to post this ^_^

Oh well, let's get it over with shall we? ^_^

This is some of the participant (I didn't took at the begining since it's hard to use Handphone at that time

Well, I don't use my N93 since my Battery get depleted quickly T_T
Also the other New College Student that present on that day

Some of the committee

On that day someone's photograph me without my permission

This is me before getting sleep due to boreness hearing things from the stage

Totally asleep

Well, I guess that's for today and maybe I can't post another since there's a rule not to bring a Handphone ^_^

Anyway, that's my 1cm-ed hair since the rule has to be done. Arghhh, my beatiful hair... Just need a few more month and my hair will become like Hallelujah or something ^_^

Okay, see you around soon...


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