Labor Day - Cyclone Effect [Kamen Rider W Outro Theme #1]

I just got this yesterday on Tokyotosho when I want to search for the new episode of Kamen Rider Double (which still RAW for Episode 12). In this single there's 4 songs (3 of them are Instrumental version of the original one).

This single is one of the Kamen Rider W Outro theme which used before the battle was finished (I think) >.< This album contains:

#01 Labor Day - 01 - Cyclone Effect
#02 Labor Day - 02 - Cyclone Effect (acoustic Edit)
#03 Labor Day - 03 - Cyclone Effect (Instrumental)
#04 Labor Day - 04 - Cyclone Effect (acoustic Edit. Instrumental)
This song is pretty good, and somehow... ummm, I can't really tell exact >.< And there's still only Loseless (.FLAC) format so I don't know when MP3 version will be released (or there is already (?)) :D Download Link (if anyonw know the DDL Link please do tell me) Torrent - 157.74MB

Please tell me if the link broken okay. Well then, see you next time :D


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Please SEED!!! >_<'

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