Okay, after long I post my Room... Now I'll update what's happened on my room :D
First thing first, I would like to say thank you if anyone saw my First Room Post which was... umm, what was it... can't really tell XD

Well then, let's move directly to our main problem here...

Well then, start from the Room itself, my mother has put another Bed to cover the 'Cracked' floor (which I used to play my computer) :D

My 'upgraded' room, added 1 more bed beside my usual place to sleep (which now used fro my Brother

Hmm, not so bad :D so I can sleep alone without worrying to move left-right... tough some place is still bit same as before, I like my new decorated room (thanks to my mother :D) Now, we move to another section... since I started my College, I need to print some of my work... sooo... I *I mean, we... decide to put the Printer on...

At first I don't know where to put, but after look around my Monitor... I decided to put it there... Me and my mom unpack the Printer and its cabble and I put it on on a desk which putted on my Monitor (I don't know how to describe it ) and... here it is...

No need to say a thing, the pict already describe it ^_^

Next, I know this is somekind an unnecessary thing to say (but I would like to tell you)

My Gundam Box which some of them are brought from Batam (except for Seravee and 00 Raiser (Designer's Color, I just bought them here)

and also...

My clothes I used and I hanged there -_-

And next, my beloved Laptop (which was heritage from my Father)

My laptop for my college, using Virgilia from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni as my Default Wallpaper ^_^

Okay, maybe that's all fro today... I hope you enjoy my post -_-
Hope we meet again in the next post ^_^

Oh, and by the way...

My HG 1/144 00 Raiser Designer's Color and HG 1/144 00 Gundam standing on my CPU, replacing my HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Zwei which used to be there ^_^



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