May bad day...

As the title said, yesterday (exact day on Friday) I fell like I'm already to old to think. Want to know why? Here, I'll tell you what I did yesterday until "that" occur.

In the morning I went to college as usual, at the first class I saw not many my friend there just one or three, well their countable. As 30 minutes passed, the class is ready to start. And well, nothing good really happened at that time as I busy with my own business. As the first Subject ended, I open up my Laptop to wait for the next Subject and of course... I put my Binder and such under my seat and I started playing Command and Conquer General to kill time. When lecturer came, I didn't turn my laptop off instead just close it and didn't put it back to my bag.

And... the subject's finished and I recharge my laptop while waiting for Shalat Jum'at with playing Command and Conquer General, resuming what I done before :D

And at 11.30 A.M, I went down with all my belonging putted into my bag (or so I thought) waiting in the Mosque (oh wait, I forgot to tell that it's raining on the process). After praying I went to Canteen to eat something as I'm hungry right now. When I'm in the middle of my meal I got a SMS that my Binder is left behind in the class...

So I went back to class to pick it up. After that, I went back to class, by the time I arrive my friend ask me to accompany him to canteen, so I went together with him.

Back at canteen, some of my senior which sitting beside me told me that my Hand phone was left behind and one of the canteen guard or what ever they called, gave me back my Hand phone. 

Oh, I'm so glad that I didn't missed anything for today XD
And I fell like I'm already that old as I forgot something like that (glad I'm not forgot about my Laptop XD)

Hope next time I won't do the same mistake again XD


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