Mobile Suit Gundam 00 2010 Movie

Hey ya, we meet again in this great (maybe) day. Thank you for anyone who has viewed my post so far.

Okay, maybe some of you already know this but for those who don't know I'll tell you what I know about this Movie.

As Gundam 00 Second Season has ended there's some preview about Gundam 00 : The Movie at the end of episode 25 (which is a short preview)and will be aired on 2010

        No details about the movie has been released yet, but the movie is presumed to give closure to the unresolved events of Gundam 00. A hint of what's to come is the Jupiter incident 80 yrs ago, around A.D. 2227, finale of the series suggests the origins of GN Drives and another faction of conflict will arise.

As mention above, there's still no details about the movie yet. But, for the trailer itself has also been released for the update of the Movie. Let's get to these trailer I about to show you (Note: I don't own the Video, credit goes to SUNRISE)

A SD CB Character and Trailer of upcoming Gundam 00 : The Movie

On this trailer, the Meisters Gundam haven't been announced yet and this might be entertain you for a bit :D

And for the main course, Full Trailer of Gundam 00 : The Movie and the clear pict from of the Meisters Gundam on the last Trailer.

And for the Gundam itself :

00 Quanta (00 Quan[T])

00 Quan[T] is successor from GN-0000 00 Gundam and piloted by Setsuna F. Seiei

The name Quanta is a plural form of the word Quantum, or a space of subatomic particles.


00 Quan[T] has been stated to have binders and a shield on its left arm. It will also utilize numerous funnels of an undefined sort, though it is assumed that they will be controlled by Setsuna's quantum brainwaves. It seem that the funnels is the new system of the seven swords. It is unknown, but assumed, that 00 Qan[T] will utilize the Twin Drive System. It is also assumed, the 00 Qan[T] will use 2 types of GN-Drive original & Tau because of the red GN particle emanating from around it's shield.

Setsuna's new Gundam which resemble both 00 Gundam and Exia. This Gundam is better than I imagine until now, which I wonder what happened to 0 Raiser and the Gundam before them

Gundam Raphael

Gundam Raphael was successor from GN-008 Seravee and piloted by Tieria Erde

Raphael is named after the archangel in the Bible.


GN Cannons Raphael appears to carry two GN Cannons, similar to its predecessors Virtue and Seravee. Unlike its predecessors, however, Raphael's cannons are wire-guided, giving them more attacking range but limiting their movement.

Tieria's new Gundam. Well, on my opinion... this Gundam looks heavier than its successor, Virtue and Seravee tough it might be more powerful than both of them.

Gundam Zabaniya (Gundam Zabanya)

Zabanya is successor from GN-006 Cherudim Gundam and piloted by Lockon Stratos

The name Sabinia means the guardians of hell in the Qur’an.


Lockon's new Gundam, well I really tell how to describe about the feature of this unit. But, looks like is's still using Cherudim's Main Weapon and a Missile Pod or something behind it.

Gundam Harut (Gundam Harute)

Harute is successor from GN-007 Arios Gundam and piloted by Allelujah Haptism

Harute is named after the angel featured in the Qur`ran.


Allelujah's new Gundam. Same as Zabaniya, I can't really tell about its Armaments as well, but looks like its still similar to Arios Gundam and Kyrios Gundam which still can transform between Mobile Suit Mode and Mobile Armor Mode.

For what I see, this might bee interesting and worthed to download / watch. Can't wait till it comes out on 2010.

This is what I know for Gundam 00 : The Movie, hope you enjoy it :D
Also tell me when I miss something / there's a mistake about it ^__^


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